Knowing your passenger - How important is it?

22/08/2019 | Travel Connect

Whether it’s an international tour group VIPs for a sporting event, a film crew on their way to a new set or delegates on the way to a convention- all passengers are the same, right? Wrong. With years of experience in the transport and events industries, we know that it’s quite the opposite. Every group of passengers will have completely different needs, requirements and expectations and just like any other part of event management a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

So how do you make sure the passenger experience is seamless? The first and most important step is to really get to know your passengers. Small details are what make the difference between a good experience and a bad experience. Gain as much information as you can about the passengers who will be using your service. The more details you have the better. Take a look below at some of our tips and wider considerations you should make when you’re selecting your transport supplier. 

  • What are your customers spending? From budget to luxury take time to consider what your customers are expecting their service provision to look like. Are they happy with a comfortable seat on a coach or will they be looking for a VIP experience? Gaining an understanding of what your passengers want/need early within the process can prevent an awkward disconnect between expectation and reality. 
  • Business or leisure? You know yourself when travelling for leisure you’re relaxed and most likely looking forward to a fun day out exploring a new location, expectation for these passengers is customer service, they want to sit back relax and not have to worry about getting from A-B. What special requirements do your passengers have? Working with a transport provider who can provide contingency support including; route management and operational guidance. What about vehicle flexibility and accessible transport provision?  Make sure your provider not only has the experience but they can provide the operational support to ensure a seamless relaxed experience.
  • Gain details of the type of leisure trip they are planning. Is it a Golf trip? A day trip? Or a week-long Tour? Factor in small details such as luggage allowance. If you’ve got a group of 20 golfers, you’ll need to consider space for their clubs! Working with a provider who has access to vehicles of different sizes will provide flexibility on passenger requirements, you can up or downgrade your requirements more easily.
  • For business travellers, the experience is quite different. A film crew for example, the previous leg of their journey might not have been quite as glamorous, they might have just landed from a 17 hour flight, carried heavy bags and equipment through a busy airport, or been stuck on a cramped train for the last hour so you want to make sure the transport you’re booking caters to them. Think about extra legroom or equipment storage.
We are confident that we can supply competitive and tangible solutions as well as an integrated approach, no matter what you need us for. So, if you think you need help with transport, get in touch with our team today.

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