Adapt, learn and optimise: Get the most out of your 2021 Tour Season

08/10/2020 | Travel Connect

Group Tour Transport 2021 – Make the most out of your season

I’m sure we can all say that 2020 wasn’t the year we had planned for! Not the first unprecedented year we’ve endured in tourism, but certainly up there with one of the worst.

With further restrictions likely, have we now fully resigned ourselves to the fact that our focus now l firmly lies on 2021? So, what does that mean for you, your team and your strategy for the year ahead?

What does your seasonal planning for 2021 look like?

Destination, accommodation and then attractions? Where does transport sit on your list? Probably near the bottom. You’ve always been able to secure a transport partner even at the last minute, right? So why would 2021 be any different?

Coach landscape in 2021

With coach companies losing up to as much as 98% of their income during the height of the pandemic, even with the assistance from the government’s retention scheme, many have been unable to recover.

Alarmingly the industry has predicted the loss of more than 20,000 jobs with as much as 40 per cent of coach companies expected to cease trading.

What does that mean for you?

There’s far less availability meaning less competition so higher pricing and a feeling of general anxiousness that you won’t be able to secure ground transport for your 2021 Group Tours. Is transport still on the bottom of your list?

Many of your long-standing local suppliers could be out of business, you may need to start from scratch and source multiple suppliers for one single Tour Group. With higher pressure on sales targets and most likely a reduction in resource within your own team, do you have the time and experience to pull together a transport solution, which is bespoke to your budget and Tour Group requirements?

Planning is key - We know that transport is something which usually gets pushed to the bottom of the list, but not in 2021. We are in unchartered waters. Yes, there may still providers out there, but getting the right one is important. With 40% less operators than before, your focus needs to be on delivering a solution which is commercially viable and fits with your wider business objectives. Choice a travel partner that works for you, not just one who is available!

In 2021, bringing a transport provider on board during the planning process is more important than ever before. Why? Ease, contingency planning, crisis strategy development and of course, budget saving are just a few reasons which spring to mind. You don’t want to be worrying about last minute changes to itineraries and how you are going to get a transport provider to fill the gaps, days before the Tour begins. Nor do you want to have to think about co-ordinating venue logistics for your passengers. Your focus needs to be on driving sales and delivering the best possible service for your Tour Group, without having to worry about the detail.

So, who do you turn to?

As one of the UK’s leading transport providers we are fortunate enough to guarantee we will still be here in 2021 to facilitate your Tour Group transport. We have access to 100’s of regional operators throughout the UK, from London, Inverness, Manchester to Ullapool and we guarantee that we are able to provide you with a 2021 transport solution tailored to meet the needs of your Tour Group.

Don’t leave transport planning to the last minute, make 2021 count!

Get in touch today!


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